Saturday, October 15, 2016

The On-Going Clinton Rules Effect

The Clinton Rules have been around seemingly forever and one would think that, given the circumstances surrounding the Orange Menace and His Army of the 12 Deplorables,  Clinton Derangement Syndrome, would be on the wan, but no; the corruption in the press and media continues to poison the body politic. Bunchanan's article is one of the best ever on the inner workings of this psychosis. 

Neil Buchanan: Why Is the Press Ganging Up on Hillary Clinton?:

...In both debates so far, the distorted media narrative was insufficient to cause people not to believe their own eyes and ears. But this default mode, in which political reporters miss the big picture and focus on "what might look bad for Clinton," is unfortunately alive and well.

There is still plenty of time for this media culture to do further damage to Clinton's candidacy, not by reporting anything that is truly bad about Clinton but by emphasizing the negative spin at all times. And the saddest aspect of this is that the people involved in this scrum surely think that they are not doing anything wrong.

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