Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Private Armies Are Sueable

The Blog | Rick Jacobs: Judge to Blackwater: Stand Trial for Killing Your Employees in Iraq | The Huffington Post: "...Not one to surrender easily to justice of any sort, Mr. Prince hired Ken Starr to represent him before the Supreme Court, preparing to argue that he is not subject to American law (or apparently any other). He continues to contend that his Blackwater answers to no one; so far, he is right, but times may at last be changing. We can only hope that the Supreme Court denies Mr. Starr another chance to waste taxpayer money on a hearing and that the North Carolina court hears the case forthwith. As Mr. Prince contemplates the money damages he and his private army face for killing his employees, he also may at last face justice before the Congress of the United States. Indicative of the shift that has occurred since the election, at a screening of Iraq for Sale tonight, Congresswoman Jane Harman came out strongly for holding war profiteers accountable for their actions, including facing criminal prosecution. She is part of a broad spectrum of Democrats in Congress who support making hearings on war profiteering a primary issue in January, a promise made by Congressman Henry Waxman once he assumes his leadership of the Government Reform Committee.

So even if a right-wing dominated Supreme Court should somehow forestall Mr. Prince's turn in the dock, we can"

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