Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reinvasion Time

Crooks and Liars » Thomas Friedman has lost his mind

"On The Today Show yesterday, Freidman suggested re-invading Iraq, but I thought he had some time machine handy to help us out. His column spells out the insanity quite nicely. (I think the number 10 has replaced his fetish with the number six.) These are our "big thinkers."

Given this, we need to face our real choices in Iraq, which are: 10 months or 10 years. Either we just get out of Iraq in a phased withdrawal over 10 months, and try to stabilize it some other way, or we accept the fact that the only way it will not be a failed state is if we start over and rebuild it from the ground up, which would take 10 years. This would require re-invading Iraq, with at least 150,000 more troops, crushing the Sunni and Shiite militias, controlling borders, and building Iraq's institutions and political culture from scratch…

If we're not ready to do what is necessary to crush the dark forces in Iraq and properly rebuild it, then we need to leave — because to just keep stumbling along as we have been makes no sense.

We need the white coats to pay a little visit to Mr. Friedman and make sure his world is limited to a rubber room. We need to get out of Iraq…"

I'm sure Mr. Freidman will at the front of the line leading the charge of the reinvasion of Iraq.

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