Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comment of the Day

Kurtz’ Annenberg tribulations, MSNBC denies reality, ABC nearly in jail, WSJ convention impressions, Dems’ Denver doldrums, and Biden-bashing on redstateupdate : NO QUARTER: "Comment by Sal | 2008-08-28 11:55:02

I just want to say to all the Hillary supporters around here that I am sorry. Watching that manipulated crapshoot that they labeled a roll call was one of the most pathetic political shams I’ve had to watch. As a diehard conservative, I’ve come to appreciate the hard work HRC’s done for my state, NY, and also the hard work she put into this campaign. I also saw how many supporters gave it their all for her campaign.

To see Arkansas and New Jersey, states that she won handidly cast all its votes for Zeus, was a travesty and something worse than what the RBC did with Florida and Michigan. I cannot imagine for the life of me how HRC voters at home in New Jersey can feel aobut having their vote cast for Zeus, a guy that quite a few have extremely harsh feelings about. I’m not certain who was the idiot that thought this would promote unity.

The woman and her supporters worked tremendously hard during a brutal 2 year campaign and to see it die out like that and not even acknowledged was particularly stomach turning to me. The lady deserved better."

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