Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Girl In The Other Office

Alegre's Corner: "John McCain has picked an unknown to run with him, a 44-year old mother of five with Alaskan sensibilities of the drill more for Alaska bent, and the women don't own our bodies, god owns our own bodies bent, which probably tells us all we'll ever find out about her.

There isn't much time before the election, but, one thing we can be fairly sure of is that she doesn't need to be vetted. It's highly unlikely that Sarah Palin is anything other than exactly what she says she is.

She's unlikely to have criminal connections, or have some lover stowed in the back room, caring for her love child. I'd venture to guess she owes no one financial favors, and so she won't have to pledge that she won't make good on any.

I doubt any rich guys have compromised her by seducing her with their connections and wealth. She can't have been planning all along to run for national office, but even so she probably didn't have to think much about keeping her background squeaky clean, or secret. She probably well knows that there is no such thing as a secret anyway.

Why? She's a girl..."

Interesting post, though a bit hard-core (all men are pigs,etc; think about Katherine Harris when reading.)

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