Friday, August 29, 2008

Roll Calling

Reclusive Leftist» feminism, politics, and random pedantry with your host, Dr. Violet Socks: "...Incredible. It wasn’t enough to have the usual fake roll-call vote; they had to interrupt it for a fake nomination-by-acclamation. And this after last night’s travesty of forcing the actual winner of the Democratic primaries — Hillary Clinton — to rally the party behind the crook who stole the nomination.

Possums on the scene in Denver are said to be wondering aloud why the convention doesn’t seem to be having an energizing effect on the country. Who in the hell do they think they’re kidding? Every sentient being in America knows that the Democratic Party is divided in half and that Hillary won the popular vote in the primaries. Tricking out the Pepsi Center to look like a Vegas lounge and having Nancy Pelosi lead the delegates in “kumbaya” is not fooling anyone. The only message the DNC is sending the country is, “We are complete and utter phonies...”"


billy pilgrim said...

would i be politically incorrect to say you know who married a flying monkey?

Faded said...

If you have any respect at all for Hillary, can you respect her acclamation?

Or is your "respect" suspect?

Bob said...

Respect has nothing to do with it. No one, including Sen.Clinton, can tell me who to vote for. The candidates must win my vote. They have to convince me that they are the best choice. Right now, I'm about as convinced about those left standing as I am about Nader. Which is to say, I am underwhelmed by the choices.