Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Winning The tRumpers

Infidel753: The Trump movement and what it means:

...It's only proper that the Democratic party returned to power will prioritize meeting the concerns of its loyal constituencies -- blacks, Latinos, gays, the non-religious, etc. But it will also need to start trying to coax the Trumpanzees out of their bubble of cultural resentment and address their problems. They are part of our country too, and they vote, and they aren't going anywhere.
Infidel argues that the entire problem is cultural. Could be. But then where did the culture gain its fire? From the cold blast furnaces of the job market, I'd say. The way to win them back is to first fix the jobs problem, even if it involves FDR like job creation. There's a tremendous infrastructure problem in this country that could generate millions of jobs. Shaming them is not going to work. Let's try giving them jobs (and do something positive for the country at the same time).

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