Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Clinton Roars About Tax Dodgers

Hillary Clinton Bowling Alley Event in Iowa - Hillary Talks Corporate Tax-Dodgers:

..."Johnson Controls begged the administration and the government to bail out the auto industry," she said. "And now, in the last few days, Johnson Controls has decided to pretend to sell itself to a company in Europe just to avoid paying taxes. They call this an IN-version. I'd call it a PER-version. "

There is no question that she's swum in these circles like a fish in cold water. And there also is no question that she's tuned up the populist outrage as a result of being challenged from the left by Bernie Sanders. But, whatever the reason, she is right to call out this company for being the towering corporate ingrate that it is. If this kind of thing becomes an issue in the campaign, and if the free-market fetishists on the other side have to defend this incredible tax dodge, that cannot be a bad thing, either for her, or for her party, or for the country. That battle is now universally joined...

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