Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On The Bundy Bunch Wishlist

Welcome Back to Pottersville: "We will kill or be killed... as soon as we get our tampons, slippers and French vanilla creamer.":

...Boxer briefs (No word, yet, on whether there's a need for Magic Bundy Fundie Undies, since he's Mormon.)
Throw rugs, any and all sizes (Any Muslims reading this who want to get rid of a frayed prayer rug, now's your chance.)
French vanilla coffee creamer (An indispensable staple of the rough frontier life when Bundy's forebears camped on the plains surrounded by hostile Native Americans.)
Slippers. Yes, slippers. Apparently, their tootsies are cold as they're slopping around in the cubicles on a Sunday morning harvesting names and Social Security numbers off the federal building's database...

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