Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Comment Of The Day: Roasting Bernie Edition

Dem Debate #4 | Uppity Woman:

From commenter GWM4Hill @7:20 PM

...“Few voters are aware that of all the various people Sanders worked with in congress over the years, none of them – not even his closest ideological allies like Elizabeth Warren or Barney Frank or Sherrod Brown – have shown any interest in supporting his campaign. In fact, most of those who know Sanders best have endorsed Clinton instead. Even fewer are aware that almost none of the legislation Bernie has introduced in congress over the decades has found any support at all. In 2013 he offered a health care plan which was considered such a punchline, not a single of his senate allies would touch it. Now he refuses to clarify whether or not the supposed “2016 health care plan” he keeps generically referring to is the same as his failed 2013 treatise or not. Yet no one has yet called him out on any of the above on any level...
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