Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sleepy Ben And A Kinda Large Lie

Ben Carson Says The One Thing He Would Never Do Is Lie | Crooks and Liars:
CARSON:...Well, I'll never compromise my principles. I won't lie. I'd much rather lose than lie. What good does it do for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

If a Democratic candidate was found guilty of lying about several matters, those would be addressed first and foremost, in every interview. However, we know of Stabby Ben's honesty problem. Some of those include lies about: West Point Admissions, Mannatech, plagiarism and an alleged 'violent' past. Cavuto addressed none of these revelations.

Had I been charged with interviewing Carson, I'd certainly ask him about his decision to recite the Preamble of the Constitution as his closing debate statement. He actually misquoted a few things in the process. But honestly, that's the least of his troubles at this point. Unless something dramatic occurs, Ben isn't too long for this GOP Presidential contest. The Talking Yam and Tailgunner Ted the Canadian are sucking all the oxygen out for the rest of the field...

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