Saturday, January 23, 2016

GOP Getting Flexible

The G.O.P. Establishment Doesn’t Need to Surrender Yet - The New Yorker:

...King told the newspaper, “Cruz isn’t a good guy, and he’d be impossible as President. People don’t trust him. And regardless of what your concern is with Trump, he’s pragmatic enough to get something done. I also don’t see malice in Trump like I see with Cruz.”

The quotes from Dole, Giuliani, and King—three moderates—do seem to represent a slight shift. It’s the first time prominent Republicans have indicated that they could accommodate themselves to a Trump nomination and Presidency. Still, Trump has not yet received the endorsement of even one Republican governor, U.S. senator, or U.S. representative. And most of the pro-Trump sentiment reported this week is driven by hatred of Cruz rather than any affection for Trump. The Post’s headline—“GOP Establishment Warms to Trump”—seems overstated and premature. “GOP Establishment Still Cool on Cruz” might have been more accurate...

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