Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cruzing A New Math

Ted Cruz's no-good, very bad day -

...Branstad's comments came at a summit celebrating the ethanol mandate Cruz opposes. And though Cruz has taken an offensive posture -- seeking to re-educate Iowans by arguing that "lobbyists and Democrats" have misled them -- his opposition to the mandate has dogged Cruz on the trail, with many Iowans confronting him at events during his bus tour earlier this month.

Cheetham said he felt Branstad's decision to actively dis-endorse a candidate showed he was merely vindictive because of ethanol.

"Why would he say that? That's an incomplete thought. That's like saying, 'I'm giving you a math problem. I'm not going to give you the answer, but 4 is not it,'" Cheetham said. "I think it exposes the quid pro quo..."

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