Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hack Flogging

driftglass-- Imaginary Whigs Assemble! -- Update

...One of the worst hacks in American journalism continues:

Years ago, reform conservatives were proposing a Sam’s Club Republicanism, which would actually provide concrete policy ideas to help the working class, like wage subsidies, a higher earned-Income tax credit, increased child tax credits, subsidies for people who wanted to move in search of work and exemption of the first $20,000 in earnings from the Medicaid payroll tax. This would be a conservatism that emphasized social mobility at the bottom, not cutting taxes at the top.

Maybe it’s time a center-right movement actually offered that agenda...

Actually, such a center-right movement already exists and has already been trying for years to improve the lives and opportunities of the poor and the working class. It's called "The Democratic Party" and -- spoiler alert! -- they could have made so much more progress in helping the poor and the working class had Mr. Brooks' Republican Party not made an absolute fetish out of blocking them at any cost every single fucking time they tried...

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