Friday, January 22, 2016

Hillary Hate And The Media

Hillary and the Jewish People | Uppity Woman:

...And does she gets accolades for standing up against all of this? Since everything she does is cast in a negative light, her standing brave is portrayed as “haughty,” or “indifferent,” or “stubborn.” Do you remember how in 2008, the Obama campaign and the DNC which was strongly on his side, kept urging Hillary to get out of the race; go away; give up; kneel at Sir Obama’s feet? She may have actually had more legitimate delegates then, but they weren’t going to let her have them. This time, if she is winning, do you think you will see any people urge Sanders to leave the race? The media will beg him to stay in, to run as a third party candidate.

The media hates Hillary so much, that they would rather see Trump, who scorns freedom of the press, win, and destroy the country, than see Hillary win. It is a madness, not that dissimilar in nature to the madness of anti-semitism which has infected the world for thousands of years. Looking for some shred of rationality behind it, is to give the insane and hate-filled far too much credit.

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