Sunday, October 02, 2016

A MacArthur Flashback

The Redacted Testimony That Fully Explains Why General MacArthur Was Fired | History | Smithsonian:

Harry Truman’s decision to fire Douglas MacArthur at the height of the Korean War in April 1951 shocked the American political system and astonished the world. Much of the world didn’t realize the president had the power to fire a five-star general; much of America didn’t realize Truman had the nerve...
A long but very thorough article that is especially illuminating in one area: what we didn't know. It should also give pause to the wave of MacArthur boosterism that is surging around the InnerToobs. I soured on Old Corncob decades ago when I discovered his neglect in allowing our forces in the Philippines to be destroyed after Pearl Harbor.

The article also makes a point about the role of Presidents and the secret maneuvering surrounding major policy decisions. Let us pray that tRump never gets a chance to play Truman in any future scenarios.

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