Sunday, October 09, 2016

On The tRump ReClensising

In The Abuser's House:

...Third, one notable thing is that there was that moment we've all been waiting for when Trump finally unloaded the whole oppo file on Bill. Again, that's part of the Breitbart/base GOP fantasy scenario. Indeed, in a very real sense this has been a dream moment for many on the American right for 25 years. And yet, my sense is that it basically fell flat and barely affected the rest of the debate. Like a stone falling into a pond never to be heard from again. He trotted out what all of us have been hearing from Trump and Trump surrogates for months. Indeed, it was what we've been hearing anti-Clinton critiques hitting for two decades. Did it matter? I don't think so. Saying on a stage and in front of Hillary didn't make it any newer or more consequential. It just fell flat and I don't think anyone cared...
No one who mattered really cared then; no one who really matters now cares either. The Deplorables are gonna to deplore and set their hair on fire. Sooner or later, someone will wander by and douse them with the cold water of reality.

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