Sunday, October 09, 2016

A Little Bit On Pence

How Mike Pence defied Hoosiers and stripped Glenda Ritz of power - Shareblue:

...His positions are both contemptible and extreme, and his posture mixes the self-aggrandizing swagger of Donald Trump with the sanctimonious moralizing of Ted Cruz (whom he endorsed during the primary). In 2003, he responded to then-President George W. Bush’s proposal to send $15 billion to Africa to fight the AIDS epidemic thus: “The timeless values of abstinence and marital faithfulness before condom distribution are the cure for what ails the families of Africa. It is important that we not just send them money, but we must send them values that work.”

Under Pence’s “values,” Indiana has become a state in which the small town of Austin, with a population of 4,200, now has a higher rate of HIV than “any country in sub-Saharan Africa...”

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