Saturday, April 02, 2016

Bernie The Bully

Sensitivity Training: Bernie's Meltdown Over Hillary's Truth Telling Exposes Nature of a Bully — The People's View:

...So no, Bernie Sanders shouldn't get an apology. Here's why: Truth is an absolute defense, and Hillary Clinton was telling the truth.

The meltdown from the Bernie camp is instructive if nothing else. This is how bullies act when they are stood up to. They throw a tantrum because they do not understand how someone is standing up to them. They cannot stand the fact that they are being called out, and they want to quickly crush any talk of that calling out.

Why? Because bullies don't have anything to go on beside for their bluster, red-in-the-face attack, and brute force. They thrive on not being challenged, on not having to answer to anyone for their behavior. When they are stood up to, they want everyone to coddle them and be sensitive to their hurt feelings while they go on being the biggest pinheads on the face of the earth...

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