Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Red State Silliness

A hat tip to Daily Puma for his "Concern Troll" post. Right on the money. Here's a fun quote from Red State, offering Democrats some low-cost psychological analysis.

CT, RI, MD, DE, PA Democrat Primary Results: Why is Hillary Still Losing States to Bernie? | RedState:

...For all the chaos on the Republican side, which may well end up at a contested convention, the Democrats have to be at least a little concerned that Hillary Clinton continues to lose states, even though the Democrat race is essentially decided. The fact that Bernie continues to actually win states is indicative of more than just ideological preference or personal loyalty to Bernie, it is indicative of long simmering resentment that Democrats are going to have to deal with in November...


Alessandro Machi said...

Yep, Sanders continues to gain on Hillary Clinton even as the total popular vote difference is now over 3 million in Hillary Clinton's favor and the pledged delegate difference is approaching 400 in Hillary Clinton's favor.

I hope Hillary Clinton can keep adding enough to her delegate lead to surpass the difference in super delegate totals so even if Bernie Sanders had all the Super Delegates he would still lose.

Bob Harrison said...

I'd like the DNC to shut Sanders down completely. He's not a real Democrat and has shown no willingness to help down-ticket Democrats. I've had more than enough of him and his supporters. If Clinton doesn't cave to his demands, he will run a third party Nader campaign, hoping to put Trump in office and set the country ablaze, so he and the Bros can step in with the Purity Pony Calvary and save the great unwashed from their uneducated, underinformed selves.