Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crazy In NC: HB2 Cry Edition

North Carolina: Seeming rather than being – Baptist News Global:

...I called North Carolina Senate President Pro-Tempore Phil Berger’s office to express my concern about this. His assistant told me that Mr. Berger was acting to protect our children. She does not believe that, though, and neither does her boss. I told her that, real nicely. “Do you not care about our women and children?” she asked me, as though she did not know that this was the question asked to justify every lynching that ever stained the soil of this country. If care for our children was a motivator, then Berger wouldn’t sleep again until he convinced his colleagues to act with all deliberate speed to fix our schools and pay our teachers what they deserve. If the General Assembly’s concern was for the young people of our state, especially for the weak ones trying to grow great, they would expand Medicaid so that families are not going broke paying for basic health care...


DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

That was beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

I live in this beautiful state, though not from here, and know that we have been making the national headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

GaryChapelHill, a pro-Hillary blogger from 2008, had a theory that the state's steep and sudden regression was due to the Dems gaming the nomination for Obama. Voters lost faith and stayed home and the Republicans struck hard and fast in this delicately balanced state.

I believe he and his partner, Mawm, were right. But now it's time to undo all the hatred and greed and put us back where the opening paragraphs of that wonderful essay says we should be.


Bob Harrison said...

I concur with that assessment. I was stunned when Obama won the primary by the margins he ended up with. Then, I heard about high schools being emptied and students bussed to polling places with public school buses. I dismissed those accounts at first, but now I wonder. There was certainly some odd things going on. Anyway, yeah. A great many moderate Democrats, particularly Clinton supporters, were highly miffed by the various hijinks, especially those of us who were identifying as PUMAs. By the time the 2010 midterms rolled around, there were a great disgusted Democrats sitting at home. I don't think that will be the case this time. We need to clean the Republicans out. Period. FLUSH THE GOP. From dogcatcher to President, they need to be out office.