Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Bernie Clueless Interview While Guaming The Vote

Live Blog: Wisconsin Returns the Vote but it could be Guam, who really knows? | Sky Dancing:

...The news today is filled with the interview given by Sanders to the NYDN. Sanders appears to be completely confused by the process of federalDunce Cap2 regulations and oversight as it pertains to Wall Street and Financial Institutions. I always knew he sounded vague on details but this interview shows his ignorance. This is about as bad as recent Trump interviews. Both appear big on their vision but extremely stupid on policy details and the workings of government. Trump could be excused as a outsider if he were running for lower office. Bernie, however, is a Senator. We shouldn’t have to direct him to School House Rock for Lessons. This is Chris Cillizza writing for WAPO...

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