Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Corporate Hypocrisy: Say It Ain't So!

Corporations Opposed To North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law Helped Elect Its Supporters:

More than 100 corporations have voiced extreme displeasure with North Carolina’s government since the state legislature passed a bill blocking municipalities from enacting their own rules to prevent anti-LGBT discrimination. Dozens of these corporations also had a hand in electing the very Republican majority that passed the legislation they now abhor.

At least 45 corporations denouncing North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law have contributed to a group called the Republican State Leadership Committee. The group, which can receive direct corporate contributions, works to elect Republican state legislatures across the country. It played a big part in helping to elect North Carolina’s legislative majority in 2010 and has pumped at least $1.6 million into the state’s legislative elections from 2010 through 2015...

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