Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Feeling The Burn

This post contains a very valuable summary of all of Sanders', uh, er, little quirks and problems.

A Fool's Paradise: How Bernie Sanders' Brand of Political Purity Was Never Realistic — The People's View:

...Bernie Sanders supporters made a simple mistake: they trusted a politician. They saw him as someone who promised the moon but instead they have been left with green, moldy cheese. Bernie Sanders' candidacy has been based off a series of lies and hypocrisy that the mainstream media was complacent in allowing until recently. With the curtain pulled back, Sanders' candidacy is starting to unwind, slowly and surely. With recent issues of FEC violations as well as questions as to how his staff is being compensated, Sanders supporters are seeing their candidate's true colors for the very first time. By choosing to run a campaign based on absolutes, Sanders set himself up as the model candidate whose words and promises would 100% correspond to his deeds on the campaign trail. Now that we have finally seen that Bernie isn't as virtuous as he initially claimed to be, it is up to all of us to determine what Bernie Sanders actually stands for.

Even if we don't like what we find out.

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