Thursday, April 07, 2016

Clinton Rules Media Bias Again

BIAS: Flailing Bernie Slams Hillary and National Media Go After HER - Blue Nation Review:

It’s no secret that the national media have clear anti-Hillary proclivities. Their default stance is to criticize her no matter what she says or does. If she wins, she didn’t win by enough. If she loses, she lost by too much. If she laughs, she’s being sarcastic. If she’s serious, she’s unlikable. If she’s nuanced, she’s calculating. There is very little Hillary says or does that isn’t filtered through a demeaning and destructive prism.

Case in point: The morning after Bernie Sanders stepped into the gutter of politics and called Hillary unqualified to be president — a statement that would have caused mass media chaos if it came from her — ABC’s Good Morning America led with “Hillary attacking Bernie...”

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