Monday, April 11, 2016

The Origins Of CDS

It is no surprise to me that the origin of Clinton Derangement Syndrome has its roots in the "soft" bigotry of regionism and the narcissistic superiority assumed by the urban elite, whose prejudices far exceed the familiar boundary of political party. The assumed supremacy of all things urban over anything rural was affronted by the bumblers from the sticks when they stumbled into the White House. They were never forgiven by their betters for occupying a palace reserved to the entitled members of the coastal rulers, and just like LBJ and Jimmy Carter they were treated with all the hospitality of a returning Vietnam veteran.

The mainstream media has a decades-old Hillary narrative — and they’re sticking to it:

...The media never much liked the Clintons to begin with. In this election season of anti-elitism, one reason why is instructive for its condescension. As Sally Quinn, Washington Post writer and society doyenne (she was executive editor Ben Bradlee’s wife), put it in a famous, huffy 1998 article, the Clintons had sullied the White House and Washington had “been brought into disrepute by the actions of the president.” What she was really saying was that they were country bumpkins, not part of the ritzy DC establishment that she inhabited, and they needed to be punished for it. The irony is that rather than scorn the establishment that scorned them, the Clintons got into some trouble trying desperately to enter it...

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