Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cruzing Into Gold

Ted Cruz Just Reminded The Republican Establishment Why They Hate Him:

...But if you run a business, are employed by one, care about the stability of the financial system, or would prefer that the U.S. economy not be needlessly thrown into disarray — a group that seems like a pretty broad coalition of voters — Cruz’s economic policy is not OK.

He told CNBC on Friday that he wants to push America back to the gold standard. This is a hare-brained policy that no other country uses and not a single surveyed economist thinks is a good idea. Under the gold standard, a dollar is worth a certain amount of gold...


E. Rosewater said...

the gold standard has its advantages. centuries ago when a country ran out of gold, the war was over. plus i like gold.

Bob Harrison said...

i used to have a fortune in gold in my teeth; that's when i could pick-up radio stations in my mouth.