Saturday, April 30, 2016

Salon And The Root Of Evil

I've loathed Salon from afar for quite a while. I've found nearly all their opinion pieces to be, at best, half-baked, and their attempts at "journalism" were often littered with red herrings and curious omissions of pertinent facts. I've found their current "liberalism" to insanely inconsistently and pustulated with genderism. Joe Cannon has offered up another public service with his post exposing Salon's nasty roots.

Cannonfire "Wanna know Salon's dark secrets...":

A lot of people think that Salon is in the tank for Bernie. No. They're in the tank for Trump -- officially.

Sanders supporters, you've been conned. Salon has used you. Lied to you. Salon is doing what it can to elect Trump because Salon is heavily funded by the Department of Defense and by investment banking...

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