Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Stop The Caucuses!

PCTC* | Caucuses are Undemocratic:

...So, here’s the question of this election season; why do so many progressives seem perfectly okay with the fact that there are so many Democratic primary caucuses? A growing number of states have adopted the caucus model, including some states that used to hold primary elections, and if we are serious about democracy, that needs to stop now. The caucus is the least democratic way to choose a nominee and it’s time we jettisoned that process as such. I mean, come on; many of the same people who complain about the concept of super delegates because they’re “not chosen by the people” seem to have absolutely no problem with the archaic process of the caucus. The funny thing is, super delegates are far less consequential than delegates chosen by caucus. Caucuses are an artifact of the old days, in which party bosses chose nominees, and they’re only slightly more democratic than that...
Amen on killing this beast.

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