Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Evangelical Evolution

Like Katy Perry, I broke up with the conservative evangelical project | Religion News Service:

...Whether you like President Barack Obama or not, former religious right activist Frank Schaeffer told the ugly truth about contemporary conservatism: It has carried out a vicious “slow motion lynching” of our first African-American president. Today’s conservatives have been undermining voting rights for minorities, vilifying immigrants, scapegoating LGBTQ people, and resurrecting white privilege and white supremacy to maintain systemic injustice. One simple word in Trump’s campaign slogan — “again” – harkens back to a time of deep discrimination against everyone who doesn’t look like or pray like me...


anonymous said...

Religion is where you face who you are.

No matter whether you are an existentialist or a Southern Baptist or an Azundii, what religion you profess is where you meet the red horizon. Where you say, from here, I cannot lie.

It's a trust more sacred than that between wife and husband, because between humans, lies are always possible, but between one's own self and one's concept of reality, lies are not possible. This is the center from which humans act. It's called integrity. Integration.

This is what the media's coverage of their chosen candidate leaves out. No one at all could follow him on this.

Bob Harrison said...

Wonderful comment. I love that first line. I think I'll have to steal it.