Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Clinton And Health Care

Hillary Clinton Must Champion Success of Obamacare in Bringing Down Uninsured Rate:

...The idea that the rate of uninsured Americans has dropped below 10 percent should occasion parades. (And, I know this is primarily a sardonic trope on the Intertoobz, but geez, thanks, Obama.) Fifteen years ago, when Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to reform American healthcare on behalf of Bill Clinton's administration, the rate of uninsured Americans was rising at a rate of two million-a-year. And even then, even after the country elected a president who pledged to do something about it, HRC ran into a stonewall—although, to her credit, after the larger project augured in, she did work extremely hard on behalf of the initiative put forward by Orrin Hatch and the late Edward Kennedy that produced the State Children's Health Insurance Program...

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