Thursday, September 08, 2016

Return Of The Bush Bulge

Trump Campaign Runs With Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory About Clinton "Earpiece" During NBC Forum:

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is running with the Alex Jones-fueled conspiracy that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was fed answers through a secret earpiece while participating in NBC’s September 7 “Commander-in-Chief Forum.” is run by Jones, a conspiracy theorist who believes the government was behind the 9/11 attacks and other national tragedies. Jones recently said he’s been advising Trump. Infowars posted a September 8 story headlined, “WAS HILLARY WEARING AN EARPIECE DURING LAST NIGHT’S PRESIDENTIAL FORUM?”...
In case you have forgotten about Skippy the Shrub using Rove's Brain, go here.

The idea that SOS Clinton would need off-stage help to roast the Orange Marshmellow is ridiculous on its face. I'd love to see Clinton and tRump doing Foreign Policy Jeopardy (like Couric did to the unarmed Palin back in '08). Meanwhile, tRump gets the 2016 version of the Obama '08 question ("What does it feel like to be a black man...[insert activity or event of any kind]?"

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