Friday, September 09, 2016

Liar Chyrons Are A Debate Minimum

It’s Time for the Media To Step Up and Call Out Donald Trump’s Many Lies - The Daily Beast:

...Lauer deserves to be remembered for this. It belongs in the first paragraph of his Times obit when the day comes. He should apologize to America for a performance that was indefensible by any known journalistic standard.

But more importantly, his performance should be a wake-up call.

With the debates coming, the networks have to think long and hard about how they’re going to handle them. Here’s one starter idea, which I batted around on Twitter Thursday morning with Glenn Thrush of Politico: real-time on-screen fact-checking chyrons.

This would require the debate-hosting network to have a little battalion of staffers at computer terminals assigned to do instant web searches and determine whether what the candidate said had any connection to reality. So it would cost money...

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