Wednesday, September 07, 2016

On Paying For Presidential Speeches

Mark Cuban flattens Fox host over Clinton speaking fees: Reagan was paid $1 million one speech:

...After Cavuto questioned Clinton receiving $250,000 for a speech, Cuban set him straight about what the market pays for ex-presidents..

“Look. You have to ask yourself what’s the market for a former president giving a speech, right?” he lectured. “So first of all, Ronald Reagan was paid more than a million dollars for speeches in 1989. He went to Japan and gave two speeches. Second of all, Bill Clinton made, I think it was $250K give or take, for a lot of speeches. I’ve made $250K for a bunch of speeches. For the most part, he gets paid a little more than I do, but the point is he was right inside the market. He wasn’t getting paid more or less than the market...”

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