Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Four Stars For Clinton Foundation

ElectoralVote: Clinton Foundation

...Gets Best Possible Rating from Watchdog Group

Republicans have been criticizing the Clinton Foundation for months. However, Charity Navigator, a nonprofit watchdog group whose mission is to investigate charities for accountability and financial strength in order to let potential donors know about them before they give money, has given the Clinton Foundation four stars out of a possible four stars. The watchdog group considers a number of factors—for example, whether the charity has at least five independent members on its board, which the Clinton Foundation now has (it didn't always have this number). According to Michael Thatcher, the president of Charity Navigator, the Clinton Foundation scored 94.74 out of 100 points to get its four star rating. The only items in which it was not perfect were minor issues with the donor privacy policy and its process for determining the chief executive's salary. (V)...

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