Saturday, September 03, 2016

Poll Fakery

Here's Why Headlines Stating Hillary Clinton Is As Unpopular as Trump Are Bogus:

...One of the consistencies of the 2016 campaign has been a close relationship between Clinton’s approval ratings and the tone of the media coverage that she is getting. When Hillary Clinton gets a spate of bad media coverage her favorables drop. When she gets good coverage, they rise.

Guess what kind of coverage she got after some in the mainstream press embraced the Republican idea that the Clinton Foundation was a “scandal”?

So, the media can thank itself for putting Hillary Clinton anywhere near Donald Trump in popularity. Well done, because obviously these issues are totally on par with Donald Trump’s massive abuse of power as a “businessman” and consistent problems with ethics as evidenced by the never-ending stream of lawsuits he is entangled in, including the deposition stemming from one lawsuit that revealed Trump’s constant stream of lies.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are equally unpopular by one measurement but two other measurements in the same poll explain why the Democrat is winning.

The press is trying to build a horse race out of nothing, and in order accomplish this journalistic sleight of hand they constructing a house built out of straw that is easily blown down by data and facts.

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