Friday, September 02, 2016

CDS Of Highest Order At NYT

New York Times Instructs On Why All Clinton Email Stories Should Be Ignored | Crooks and Liars:

...This is why you shouldn't believe any story about the emails, or the Clinton Foundation. In their zeal to find something -- anything -- to tear down the Clinton Foundation, they'll even conveniently forget an important diplomatic moment in order to gnaw at the edges of an organization doing nothing but good in the world. Why? To tear down the one sane candidate in the presidential race. Because they've got to be balanced!

What's next? A smear story about how ties between Clinton's State Department and Iran cast a shadow on Jason Rezaian's release?

In the age of Trump, they are working very hard to push everything Clinton down and make it something it's not, because they just don't know how to deal with the lunatic running on the Republican side of the ticket. It's far easier to revert to that which has been done so often for so many years, rather than step up and perform actual...journalism.
We have another Clinton rule being formulated: if a Clinton is doing something good, it must be spun to have an evil ulterior motive. So Bill goes to North Korea and basically rescues two people, the despicable NYT slimes that into an attack on SOS Clinton. Sigh. And that NYT  is why I keep refusing your subscription requests. I'd love to read the paper but you're not getting my money as long as your finger is firmly on the GOPer side of the Both Siderism scale.

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