Thursday, September 15, 2016

More Media Flogging

Watch MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch drop a massive truth bomb on Trump’s shady foreign entanglements:

...Panelist Donny Deutsch said the revelations completed undermined the foundation of Trump’s campaign — which he pointed out had focused its attacks on Clinton’s ties to “the establishment-industrial complex” and her alleged conflicts of interests.

“He trumps her, no pun intended, in those categories 10-to-1,” Deutsch said. “Every business dealing we look at of him is either dark or murky or sleazy — every single one. Yet the press, it’s so ironic how the press is painted as left-leaning. I think in a lot of ways, other than the Washington Post (and) New York Times, (the press) gives him a pass. Going back to the tax returns, people should not let up. They don’t let up on Hillary’s emails, people should not let up on these issues, those 500 entities that Kurt Eichenwald was talking about (in Newsweek)...”

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