Saturday, September 24, 2016

Clinton Receives Glowing NYT Endorsement

Hillary Clinton for President - The New York Times:

...Through war and recession, Americans born since 9/11 have had to grow up fast, and they deserve a grown-up president. A lifetime’s commitment to solving problems in the real world qualifies Hillary Clinton for this job, and the country should put her to work.
I wonder if MoDo's head exploded.


anonymous said...

One can only hope! :)

Bob Harrison said...

That would be the best use of her head in decades.

Bob Harrison said...

Or if you were talking about putting Clinton to work--- Amen!

anonymous said...

No, it was MoDo, and yes, that would be the best (only?) use of her head.

Getting the best president in generations this November- *that* goes without saying.